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próximo a Párga, Epirus (Greece)

2nd run during long weekend in Parga. This time to the west side of the town visiting hidden church of Ag Sostis and the castle of Ali Pasa.

0,0k at 15m - starting from the hotel, crossing the town (via castle) and dow to the Valtos beach (great morning views from the castle!). Steps to the castle at the beginning of the run were quite demanding... After crossing Valtos (with short sections on sand) route follows wide dirt road in very good shape with constant ups and downs (nothing really demanding).

5,1k at 135m - crossroads to Ag Sostis / Athnousa. Meeting narrow asphalt road to Anthousa, I followed dirt road to Ag Sostis, starting with descent and then becoming semi flat. Still quite wide and in good shape.

7,1k at 15m - Ag Sostis. Awesome hidden church in kind of cave (see photos). Quick stop, drink and snack and back to the crossroads as I came. On the crossroads I followed asphalt road this time to reach Anthousa. All the time within olive trees forest!
When first houses of the village started, I managed to find old hiking path to the castle. I assume it's not very popular as it was in pretty bad shape and almost impossible to find (I used GPS route to find it!).

11,3k at 375m - castle of Ali Pasa. The hiking path finished about 1k before the castle and the last section was on asphalt to the parking in front of the castle. The castle is open to visit (it's more a ruin) and offers cool 360 views (again, check out the photos).
I descented with asphalt again and found another path from the other side of the hill, direct to the village (this one was actually in much better shape and even signposted).
I pasted the village and continued downhill to waterfalls and watermill.

13,5k at 145m - the path to waterfalls is a nice narrow hiking path, very well signposted. I found the waterfalls without any problems and was pretty surprized about the size of it! Then I continued down to the mill.

13,8k at 110m - Water mill with folk museum and cafe. From this point wide and nice dirt road starts all the way down to Valtos beach.

16,0k at 5m - Valtos beach. Back to the hotel as I came.

Nice 'sightseeing' kind of run with really cool places! I mark it moderate for distance and few sections on old paths.


Arquitetura religiosa

Ag Sostis


Castle of Ali Pasa

Queda de água



Mill, Museum and Cafe

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    Followed this trail today 01/08/2018. But missed off Agsostis beach and hiked rather than ran.
    Fantastic route nearly all off-road which I liked. Most routes are via a road. Not this one. Thanks

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