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próximo a Neápolis, Peloponnese (Greece)

Bike loop in Lakonia, from Neapoli.

0,0km at 0m - Neapoli. Trail starts with climb by Demokratia road in direction to Lachi.

2,8km at 190m - Lachi. Actually just before entering the village, trail turns sharp left in direction to Paradisi and Kato Kastania, still continueing steep climb. Great views to Neapoli area.

4,7km at 330m - Paradisi. Beautiful village on the slope with monastery. Climb continues.

6,6km at 510m - Top of the first climb. Great views to both sides of the pass. Fast downhill to Kato Kastania.

9,8km at 230m - Kato Kastania. Trail passes through the village and continues with downhill for additional 900m to reach lowest point at 160m altitude. Second big climb starts from here.

11,5km at 215m - Sharp left with main road in direction to Ano Kastania.

14,1km at 380m - Tiny detour right to Ano Kastania and back to the main road to continue with a climb.

17,4km at 575m - Highest point of the route. Fast downhill to Faraklo starts from here. Nice views to Neapoli area and Elafonisos.

19,4km at 440m - Faraklo village. Again small detour from main road to enter the village.

20,9km at 350m - Mesochori. Leaving main local road to pass through the village with smaller dirt and concrete roads, and later back to the main asphalt road.

23,2km at 215m - Right turn to small local road to pass next to old monastery of Ag Paraskevi. Later back to main road and all the way down to Neapoli. Back to the start by the sea.

28,2km at 0m - Finito.

Route is all asphaltus (just a tiny part through Mesochori done by dirt road, but can be easily avoided by going down with main local road). Two big climbs from Neapoli until Paradisi and to the pass from 0m to 510m; and from Kato Kastania, through Ano Kastania to the pass towards Faraklo from 150m to 580m. Very nice views in all directions (from Ano Kastania You can see Monemvasia to the north). Level difficult for steep climbs and windy conditions.


Arquitetura religiosa


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Passo de montanha


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Arquitetura religiosa


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