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perto de Correntoso, Neuquén (Argentina)

We start driving in the vans for one hour from Bariloche to Villa La Angostura. The cycling today consists of a good rolling climb of two stages (25 mi) and then a thrilling descent to Chile (29 mi); the first one of small easy hills that starts from Villa La Angostura’s downtown (14 miles), and a second stage of 10 miles where we begin a rolling climb across the hills of the Andes Mountain Range. We’ll ride the first 14 miles of a smooth windy road until we reach the Argentinean Custom, then we continue on riding 10 mi until reaching the border point with Chile at an altitude of 4.255 ft. This place is called Hito Samoré and from there you can see the heart of The Andes. Then will descend 14 mi until reaching the Chilean customs and from there we’ll ride the final 14 mi to where the ride ends in Puyehue, and then we’ll jump in the van for 1 hour until reaching our hotel in Osorno.

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