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próximo a Baza, Andalucía (España)

This is a very dificult route because there are a lot of stones ,holes in the road and an incline of 308 meters. During the road we saw many cyclist. The landscape was very beautriful there were a lot of pines and almond trees. The climb was intense especially in the area of pines, but the descent was very fast although it was a bit dangerous.
We have many problems whit the interest point because the page don´t permit add more of them.


In this cross you can go to Caniles if you go to the right.If you go to the left, you arrive to Baza. If you go stright you continue the greenway. And if you go back, you will continue our rute that arrives to Santaolalla.

Farmhouse of Santaolalla

This is the interest ponit of this rute. There are five farmhouses that are in the middle of the field.


    You can or this trail