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perto de Foxtrap, Newfoundland (Canada)

This is a nice loop bike ride that takes in both sides of the North East Avalon Peninsula. There's a full range of tread types which necessitate a cross bike to do it in less than half a day.

There's t'rail on the CBS side which transitions to paved side roads until reaching Holyrood and the back entrance to Butter Pot Park. The route through the park is gravel double track until just before reaching the TCH.

The route following the TCH is short, as it turns East on Witless Bay Line - a not often driven straight stretch that is mostly downhill, traveling in a counter clockwise direction. The pavement continues for much of the rest of the route, with the exception of some bushwhacking (as of Fall 2018) in Southlands and more t'rail upon arrival back in CBS.

Robin's Coffee Shop

A great place to stop at the half-way point, assuming a start in CBS


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