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perto de Myra, British Columbia (Canada)

The start-end waypoint is at the top of an unpaved switchback road, also suitable for cars. It was muddy and a bit rough after the snows of early October 2017. This track is from the morning of October 8, 2017, the last weekend for bicycle rentals, and an early snow was still covering the trestle decks

The bicycle rental shop is at the parking lot. We picked up four Norco mountain bikes, suitable for this trail and in good condition that we booked earlier on the rental website. On-site staff were very helpful with seat adjustments and trail advice. Rental periods are AM ( 9am to 1pm ) or afternoon (from 1pm). This is adequate to complete the track at a slow pace with lots of picture stops.

Mountain or Cross Bikes are ideal, however most types of bikes should manage on this track, which is mostly light gravel and packed dirt, flat to gentle railway grade.

Parking and Bicycle Rental

Norco mountain bikes worked well, however cross and many other bike types could manage this trail in normal conditions.

Kettle Valley RR - Trestle 84.9

This is the first trestle after leaving the parking lot.

Landing with Information

There is a pavilion here with displays on the history of the Kettle Valley railway, a trail map, and other information.

Trail conditions and autumn colours


Railway tunnels

Waypoint at south end of the first tunnel. The second tunnel is a short distance to the south from here.

Steel Bridge

Most trestles are wood, this one had steel cladding built over the original wood construction.

Rock outcrop, views


Donkey Engine trestle

There are lots of information placards explaining geology and history. The Donkey engine is one of many historical artifacts along the trail. It is a portable winch used to haul heavy items through the bush during the railway and trestle construction.

West side of valley

Proceeding north along the west side of valley there are fewer trestles. Here it is a gentle downhill run (at railway grade). On October 8, 2017 there was more snow on the west side of valley, as it is more sheltered from the afternoon sun. Snow had melted from bridge decks on east side of valley by the time of our return.

Turning point

This waypoint marks the end of the track for rental bicycles, so turn and backtrack on the same route. The parking lot here is smaller, we did not investigate its access road.

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  • Foto de mclivancouver

    mclivancouver 12/out/2017

    The 280m dip in the elevation profile is a GPS tracking error, its actually flat or railway grade all the way. My GPS was not very accurate in recording the lat-long on the western part of the track. No worries - it's easy to follow, one obvious track there and back. Time to upgrade the iphone 4S to a better GPS-Camera Model

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