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perto de Othello, British Columbia (Canada)

This track goes through a narrow rocky mountain gorge with historic railway grade and bridges, and mountainside forest. The track starts at a paved parking lot above Orthello Tunnels and extends to the town of Hope. There are plenty of lunch possibilities along Hope's main street. Continue to the banks of the Fraser River at Hope before retracing route back to the tunnels. The tunnel section is popular and very scenic and photogenic; bikes must be walked though dark tunnels and over narrow railway bridges.

Proceeding from the tunnel section towards Hope the track narrows through the forest, with possibility to meet pedestrians and dog walkers. Suggest bicycles slow right down, stop to let pedestrians approach and pass easily. Most walkers we met are locals who are quick to greet and share a pleasant word or two.

Tunnel 1

North end of Tunnel Segment

Tunnel 2


Tunnel 5


Forest trail to Town of Hope

some damp or muddy patches, follows around a steep mountain side, with occasional glimpses of the river below.


A smaller parking location at a central location between the Town of Hope and the tunnel segment.

Fraser River

Visit to Town of Hope wouldbe incomplete without taking a look at the bend in the Fraser River. This is the lower part of the historical gold-rush section of the river.

Tunnel 4

pioneering engineering work, a great achievement for its time

Tunnel 3


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