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Recorded Maio 2014

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52 m
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próximo a La Ensenada, Los Lagos Region (Chile)

By bicycle form Ensenada to Refugio Teski and the ski station.
By foot to Mirador Seracs and Mirador Llanquihue, which is for sure the best spot.
For me an ascent to the summit - maybe hiring the equipment - was out of question, since the route was officially closed due to danger of icefall.
Many photos show a shooting session with two models that I met while ascending. With them was Rafaelo, a boy of Italian origin that I had met ten days before at a sporting equipment shop in Puerto Montt. Meanwhile, I had navigated with the ship to Puerto Natales, coming back by bus from Punta Arenas. So, it was particularly striking to meet him again by chance!!

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