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próximo a Bonn Graurheindorf, Nordrhein-Westfalen (Deutschland)

This route takes you along the Rhine River between Bonn and Linz, and makes a small detour into the Siebengebirge. It is a nice route with beautiful river views, wooded hills, castles, cityscapes, bridges and parks. Along the Rhine you generally take dedicated cycling paths, although near towns the cycling paths are generally mixed pedestrian/cyclist routes and you need to slow down. This track is suited for the racing bike. In Linz you need to take a ferry to cross the river (1,40 € fee January 2015). There are other ferries along the route offering an opportunity to take a shortcut. In the Siebengebirge, I had planned to climb the road to Drachenfels, but the road had frozen over and was very slippery, so I gave it a pass. If you add this climb (see waypoint ‘Drachenfels turn-off’), you add about 5 km to the route.
The route starts in Bonn, at the foot of the Friedrich-Erbert Brücke (see waypoint). You cross the bridge to the east bank and then turn south. You cycle through Bonn along the Rhine past the Kennedy Bridge and the Konrad-Adenauer Bridge, from where you start having good views of the Siebengebirge. In Königswinter, at the waypoint marked ‘Turn-off Siebengebirge’, you turn away from the river and slowly climb into the Siebengebirge along the Heisterbache Strasse. You pass the monastery ‘Kloster Heisterbach’, and shortly after turn right on a forest road to climb to about 250 m. On the day I rode this route, the forest road was iced in places (no winter service), and so I took it slowly. After a cross-roads near a restaurant you descend to the foot of the climb to Petersberg (see waypoint). From here you climb to the large hotel Petersberg (see waypoint). This road has winter service. There is a magnificent viewpoint (see waypoint) here across the Rhine River. After having enjoyed the view, you descend towards Königswinter. I wanted to climb the road to Drachenfels here (see waypoint ‘Drachenfels turn-off’), but that road was too slippery. In Königswinter, I climbed a bit towards the Drachenburg (see waypoint), but this road was quite steep and became slippery as well, so I turned back down along a steep road towards the valley station of the Drachenfelsbahn. From here, you go back to the Rhine and follow it towards Linz. On the way you pass Grafenwerth Island (see waypoint) and several nice villages. In Linz there is a small bridge across the railway I took (see waypoint), before you get to the ferry (see waypoint). After having crossed the Rhine to the west bank, you follow the Rhine close to the river back to Bonn, with nice views of the Wallfahrtskirche Sankt Apollinaris (see waypoint), the island Nonnenwerth (see waypoint), the Siebengebirge with Drachenfels and Drachenburg (see waypoint) on the way. You pass the center of Bonn, and continue towards the starting point.
At the start, there is ample free parking below the highway, if you come by car. In Bonn, you can make the connection to another track I put on Wikiloc which takes you north to Cologne and back (http://nl.wikiloc.com/wikiloc/view.do?id= 5998493).

Drachenburg turn-off

Here is the turn-off towards Drachenburg. It is an initially steep climb, and then you can continue towards the castle. The return route to the bottom station of the Drachenfels railway is even steeper. You can give this climb a miss by going straight on for 400 meters and then turn right to cross the railway track and join the route again. I did not go up to the castle, because the road had frozen over.

Drachenfels turn-off

Here you can turn left to follow the road to Drachenfels. You have to come back the same route. The climb is about 2.5 km. I did not climb this road, because it had been completely frozen, and was very slippery (no winter service). At Drachenfels you are supposed to have a great view of the Rhine, and the ruins.
ponto de amarra

Ferry Linz-Remagen

Here is a ferry taking you across the Rhine. Fee was €1,40 for a bicycle during my trip. See the website for more information http://www.rheinfaehre-linz-remagen.de/

Friedrich-Erbert Brücke

Large highway bridge across the Rhine.

Grafenwerth Island

Island in the river Rhine. There are two bridges.

Gästehaus Petersberg

Hotel Petersberg on top of the Petersberg serves as a guesthouse to the Federal Republic of Germany. The broad asphalt road to the top was free of snow and ice. There is an excellent viewpoint of the Rhine valley on the top (see waypoint).


Another island across from Grafenwerth island. There is a convent on the island. There is ferry access at the waypoint, but I did not go onto the island.

Railway Bridge

Very small bridge across the railway in Linz am Rhein, accessible for pedestrians and cyclists only. If you want to make speed, you'd better give the bridge a miss and continue straight on towards the ferry.

Turn-off Siebengebirge

Here at the ferry in Königswinter, you turn left, away from the river, towards the Siebengebirge. You follow the Heistenbacher Strasse/L268, and pass the Kloster Heisterbach. After 4.4 km from the turn-off, you turn right on small forest road and climb to the top at about 270 meters, before descending to the foot of the climb of Petersberg. The small forest road was very slippery because of frost during my trip, and there was no winter service. At the top of the forest road is a restaurant (did not visit it).

View of Drachenfels and Drachenburg

From the west side of the Rhine, you have an excellent view on the Siebengebirge with Drachenfels and Drachenburg.

Viewpoint Petersberg

Hotel Petersberg on top of the Petersberg serves as a guesthouse to the Federal Republic of Germany. There is an excellent viewpoint of the Rhine valley going around the hotel on the right (north) side.
Arquitetura religiosa

Wallfahrtskirche Sankt Apollinaris

This church occupies a prominent position just above the town of Remagen.

Viewpoint Bonn center

There is a sundial here and a good view along the Rhine both towards the Kennedy bridge north, and the Konrad Adenauer Bridge and the Siebengebirge south.


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