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perto de Sayang-dong, North Jeolla (South Korea)

After five hours of hiking, I quickly got by bike out from underneath the tour bus, hired by Sunshine Hiking Club and headed north to Chubu, where I am currently working and living.

Most of the ride was in the dark, along windy country roads, passing through small villages filled with the smell of wood fire and crisp autmn air. There were very few cars on the road, no street lights and without much moon light I rode up and down a few mountain ranges with only the light from my little bike lights. Chained up angry guard dogs helped me ride a bit faster uphill, while long downhill sections were bliss, except for the feeling of numbness in my jaws and fingers! My energy level was critically low and I started to shake after 45km. I took a rest eating dried mangoes for instant energy and arrived Geumsan for pork intestine stew!


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