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perto de San Martín de los Andes, Neuquén (الارجنتين)

We ride a section of the “seven lakes route”; a well known scenic road in Argentina that was once traveled by a young man named Ernesto “Che” Guevara.
In a day’s journey, this route connects Lakes Lacar, Machónico, Falkner, Villarino, Escondido, Correntoso and Espejo. We’ll start riding from our hotel and as we leave San Martín de Los Andes we cycle alongside Lake Lacar through a fun rolling route. The scenery of all this area is made up by the Andean Patagonian forest, formed by various nothofagus species and cypress trees. The whole route comprises of 112 km / 70 miles, but we will cover 50% on the bikes, climbing a rolling 33.5 mile section alongside four of the seven lakes in the route. Once we reach the end of the pavement next to Lake Villarino, we’ll drive on gravel the rest of the 7-lake route across Nahuel Huapi National Park until arriving at Villa La Angostura.
In the evening, we’ll enjoy an Argentinean BBQ at a local restaurant.

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