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perto de Dalian, Liaoning (China)

An impressive offshore drive at Dalian on a relatively new tunnel - causeway- bridge complex several kilometers long. The speed limit is set fairly slow, traffic is relatively light and orderly, and there is no toll for the tunnel or bridge.

There are additional photos of the bridge, taken at a pub, on the Wikiloc track for "Xinghai Park".

Scenic areas for hiking and other attractions are easy to access along the mountain above the tunnel and to the east of it. The eastbound lane on the bridge can exit just before going into the tunnel and this continues towards the Binhai Road scenic drive.

The tunnel

This way point is located at the city-end of the tunnel. An attached photo shows the conditions inside the tunnel. The speed limit is slow, traffic light, and there is no toll. The other photos are taken along the way to the tunnel, in Dalian City. This still has original pre war Japanese electric trams running.

Tunnel exit at ocean

Traffic exits the tunnel straight onto the west bound lanes of the elevated causeway over the sea (Beihai). The westbound lanes are elevated above the eastbound, so both have good left and right visibility.

The Bridge segment

The centrally located bridge segment has a high suspension span with twin pilars
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West end of Bridge, turnaround

There are exits past the west end of the bridge where a turn around can be made safely to go back in the eastbound lanes.

Near Binhai Road

There are scenic seaside and mountain drives along the Binhai Road in this area. Slow and twisty, lots of pull-outs with views. forested hill trails extend from some of the parking areas.


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