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perto de Daonanjiangjiacun, Shandong (China)

The track is a 1/2 day (return) car tour from Rongcheng City, Shandong to visit some of Chishan's Temples and Monuments, and to view the scenic mountains around Chishan. The track was recorded on February 2, 2019, a cold overcast day with snow threatenting.

The ancient Chishan Buddhism complex is within the mountainous "Chishan Scenic Interest Area". The main Temples and Monuments are car accessible, however a full-day walking exploration of the area could access other Temple locations, and scenic paths not accessible by car. As for most attractions in China, admission fees apply.

According to Information plates at the Temple sites, and other official descriptions:

The Temples were originally built in the Tang Dynasty and rebuilt in 1988. The original Buddhist Order maintained strong Korean interchanges and was a center of martial arts exchange and shipping between China and Korea during the Tang period.

Beiche Village, highway turnoff

This Waypoint is on Fahua Road, just after exiting the north-south highway and passing under a welcoming arch. From here the track continues through developed areas towards the western mountains and Chishan. There is a restauraunt near the bottom of the Chishan Temple complex, before reaching the admission gate.

Entrance and admissions

As for most visited places in China, there is an entrance fee. A car pass is needed to drive around the main temples and monuments, and this track was done by car due to time constraint. Most temples have narrow, windy, and hilly paved road access and nearby parking lots. Alternatively, a full-day hike can be done from here, starting up the broad staircase behind the ticket booths.

Rock art exhibit and gift shop

A large interior space with many rock art displays, and a small shop with precious and semi-precious stone gifts.

Temple walk

The Fahuatu is a 48 meter tall, 7-story tower, formerly known as the Korean Cloister or the Lotus Cloister and associated with the Tendai Lotus school of the Tang Dynasty. It was destroyed near the end of the Tang Dynasty during the great suppression of Buddhism by Emperor Wu and rebuilt from sketches in Ennin's Diary in 1988. The Fountain Plaza, and other Temples are a short walk to the north from a large parking lot. Attached pictures are of the first temple to the north of the parking area. There are walks in the landscape gardens south of the parking lot (these gardens were dormant in February).


At the first Temple, walking in the direction of Fahuatu Tower (also called Lotus Cloister in Ennin's Diary). There are much more extensive walking paths in this area, and a fountain, plaza, and other points of interest in the immediate area.

Parking for Chishan

A level path leads from the parking area to a large plaza below the Chishan Statue. From there a long set of stairs goes up to Chishan.

Chishan Mingshen

A tall bronze Bodhisattva statue facing towards the east and the fishing port of Shidao. One of the functions of a Bodhisattva is the protection of mariners.

Views from Chishan Mingshan upper platform

A wide balcony encircles the base of the bronze Chishan, with panoramoic views of Shidao Port (an active fishing port) and the surrounding Chishan Scenic Area.

Thought on descending Chishan Mingshen stairs

"It's a long climb up and we didn't notice any lift devices". There are landings spaced at intervals all the way up.

Cherry Lake bicycle-running-walking loop

At a high quality approx. 6-kilometer bicycle and walking-running loop circling Cherry Lake. The bike station is beside the Kowloon Swan Hotel. There is also a new 3-level shopping complex here, and a tall circular stainless steel ring artwork visible for many kilometres. There is a seafood restaurant on the lake-shore ~200 meters to the east where speciality dishes can be served to table by robots. The Rongcheng bicycle fleet are sturdy one-speeds with adjustable seat height. Bikes are released using a common Chinese cellphone application (this only works if the App Registration is linked to a Chinese ID, so a local contact may be necessary for foreign visitors). See a seperate Feb-2019 Wikiloc for a bicycle track around Cherry Lake.

Cherry Lake shoreline

Older maps show undeveloped land here. Now the "lake" and shoreline development is finished and major residential building efforts are proceeding in several locations around the lake (February 2019). All is man-made; the "lake", shoreline and landscaping. This may not be "pure nature", but is iconic of interactions between humankind and the natural environment in China. Now there are very significant swan, duck, coot, and seabird activities so Cherry Lake has apparently been accepted into natural migration flyways. Actually its not really a "lake" perhaps its an "artificial tidal lagoon" because it has a ocean connection at the south end, where significant inflow of seawater was observed on the day.


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