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perto de Yinjiangpu, Liaoning (China)

A drive with Dalian-Kaifaqu friends along the coast of Liaoning Province east of Dalian City. An active farming (rice and sorghum) area. Traditional inshore fishing activity all along the coast. There are occasional small towns that, so far, have mostly been passed over by China's modernization and building boom. Good seafood restaurant locations are known to the locals.

Note: this is really off the beaten track where local Dongbei dialect prevails, and a local guide is advisable for non-Chinese speakers.

'Matou' Village

Arriving at a significant fishing town
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'Matou' Village 2

A large fleet of traditional small fish boats is moored offshore. At a pullout onto a small concrete dock area by the harbour.
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Road Conditions

Highways are excellent with very broad shoulders suitable for bicycle touring. Occasional mountain bike groups are loaded and appear to be doing distance touring along this route.

Seafood farms

The full extent of this inshore farming activity can be appreciated on satellite view.

Seafood Farms 2

Satellite view shows the full extent of this farming activity.

Picou Town

The first interval of relatively modern town along the route to the east of Kaifaqu-Dalian. Like the rest of China, this area is likely to develop fast.

Space Rocket Park

Artificial lake, beach. Family picnic and play area. An apparently authentic Chinese space rocket has been erected on the far shore. Not crowded at time of visit in mid-September, 2019

Ferry Terminal to the Offshore Islands

Small offshore islands are not far by ferry, and are apparently quite popular with locals for summer holiday activity. Off the beaten path.

Biliu He (river)

Here the highway crosses one of the major rivers of Liaoning Province.

Wildflower fields

This area has extensive plantings of colorful wildflowers.
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Mingyang(?) Town

Drive through newly re-developed town, with a wide, well-illuminated main avenue flanked by extensive flower beds. It is said that the Japanese Army used this town as an important landing location during the early 20'th Century occupation of Dongbei (NE China).
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Toll highway (faster)

- 10 RMB ($2) only Photo shows road conditions on this four-lane toll highway.
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Road conditions - farming area

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Rice and Sorghum fields

Many tend to associate rice with southern China, however, Dongbei (NE China) with its challenging Siberia-like winter intervals is a major producing area, with some of China's best quality rice. Sorghum is the second major crop of the area, common to Shandong and other areas of Dongbei. It is used to make baiju (strong white liquor) among other things.

Seafood Restaurant

This location was known to our hosts, there are certainly many seafood restaurants in the area. Downstairs - order before proceeding to table. Octopus, 5 kinds of fish , 4 kinds of shellfish, sea anemone, jellyfish, and much more.

Seafood Restaurant 2

Upstairs private rooms with Japanese style benches and tables.

Garden Shop

A massive flower and garden shop with a huge selection.

Garden Shop 2

on the sales floor
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Fishboat graveyard

Rough narrow dirt road access. A mystery area with a large, abandoned, apparently out-of-date fishboat fleet. This is in the middle of flower fields with some simple children's amusement and play areas. Rough narrow dirt road access.

Flower Fields

Walking through flower fields, there are several props such as the picture frame setup for photographers


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