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perto de Dalian, Liaoning (China)

This popular green area of Dalian City is associated with the mayor-ship of Bo Xilai, and many of the monuments he put in place remain intact (not all). There's a Bavarian themed pub on the waterfront with an amazing view of the new offshore causeway and bridge. Fishermen are set up on the pier in this area. The track includes a high end residential area across the river, with a few interesting restaurants and shops. There is also a small amusement park with rides along the way.

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The track is made using Wikilock's off-line Liaoning Province map download. The local offline Wikiloc maps should be downloaded for making China Wikiloc, because the Wikiloc default map by Google is not properly georeferenced in China. The default satellite, open city and open bicycle Maps are also correctly referenced, reasonably current, and have enough detail.
Parada de trem

Closest Subway Station

From subway exit, walk one block to south, coming to a steam locomotive in front of the modern Museum. This Museum has permanent and temporary displays.


Passing the museum, a panoramic city view opens, there are wide boulevards, and some interesting art works.

The Main Park Circle

There are well maintained paved paths leading into a large open circular park with unobstructed city views. Artworks date to the Bo Xilai period.

South Part of Circle

approaching the seaside prominade

Square at seaside

A large modern structure dominates the area, one can climb up on it. There is a amusement park with rides near here, and some interesting modern sculptures.

Fishing, Pub

The pub has western prices, is located right on shore, with great views out past fishermen on the pier to the offshore causeway and bridge. When there, a small bicycle group with good western brand bikes and "dressed for the part" stopped in for a beer (mixed expat and locals).


The bridge crosses a river or canal, providing easy access to the high-end residential district from Bo Zilai's tenure.

The 'Castle'

There is a prominent pseudo-castle hotel on the hillside, apparently not too expensive, must have great views? The seaside promenade is another place for fishermen to set up.

In residential area

High-end tea houses and restaurants, some shops

Bridge #2

Crossing back to west over canal on a second bridge
Ponto de informação

washrooms here

Before leaving the pub it might be a good idea to flag nearby washroom locations. There are probably many other locations, but these ones were easily found when needed; go through the main door to shopping area and check signage.


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