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perto de Dentville, British Columbia (Canada)

A river and delta walk just east of the Town of Squamish. The access roads are mostly gravel, with a 100m long pot-hole section just before joining the Squamish River Dike Road (this is no problem for a car at slow speed). There is parking on the left at the start of the Dike Road,and the saved track starts here.

A cental Dyke Road is popular with bicycles and a short biking distance from downtown Squamish. However, this track's off-road segments are best done on foot.

The track consists of four off-road segments accessible from the Squamish River Dike Road. Starting at the north end, a riverbank segment goes south along the east bank (or along the sand-gravel bars) of the Squamish River. In the middle section there are two forest segments, one on either side of the Dike Road. At the south end there is a tidal marsh segment with unobstructed views of surrounding mountains and Shannon Falls to the SE (looking across Squamish docks).

The Dike Road provides light vehicle access passing up the middle of all these trail segments, and continues futher south to the end of "the Spit". This is the launch site for sailboards and kite surfers,enjoying strong winds coming up Howe sound on summer afternoons.

We did this route after a health-food brunch at the "Zephyr" in Squamish and finished with refreshments on First Nations Territory at "Eagle Walk" (a renowned Bald Eagle viewing location several kms to the north, along the Squamish River).

Squamish River - Segment 1

Park at north end of the Squamish River Dyke Road and go 50m west to the River bank, head south along the gravel and sand bank if at low water, or on a forest path of water is high.

Squamish River

Gravel and sand bars provide an off-trail route at low water. There is also a small path on the forest edge for higher water conditions.

Forest Trail - Segment 2

This waypoint is at the north end of the trail where it leaves the Dike Road and heads east into the forest.
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Forest Trail - Segment 2

Photo shows typical trail conditions. Trail follows the edge of a wetland slough in an abandoned meander channel of the Squamish River delta.

Mountain Views

Glimpses of surrounding mountains through trees, early spring offers great views, before the foliage on low bushes and deciduous trees thickens.

Cross dike road - Start of Segment 3

Pictures show south terminus of forest trail to east of the Dike Road and the Dike Road. The next forest trail segment (#3) is accessed by crossing over the dike road towards the west. The path leaves the Dike Road on the south side of a small gully, and continues a few hundred meters to the Squamish River bank.

Squamish River - segment 3

relatively narrow but well defined paths along this segment, appears they could get overgrown and harder to follow with summer foliage.

Views along the Dyke Road

The track follows the Dyke Road from the end of segment 3 to the start of segment 4 (the marsh trail segment). There are great mountain and river views from the road. If there happen to be passing cars they could raise dust - if so pick which side of the road to walk accordingly.
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Along the Dyke Road

Swans and other waterfowl, views of mountains to east and north

Start of marsh trail - segment 4

Waypoint is where the Marsh trail leaves the dyke road, headed SE. Tidal marshlands with unobstructed views of mountains and Shannon Falls to the SE.

Tidal Marsh - Segment 4

Photos of marsh pond and trail conditions, trail rejoins dyke road after crossing a foot bridge. The dyke road provies a direct walk back to your transport location.


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