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perto de Bow, England (United Kingdom)

Along the River Lea and interconnected canals, the Three Mills Island Historic Area, and the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Site, all located in the Stratford area of East London. Starting at Bromley-by-Bow underground Station, then to Three Mills and south along the River Lea to Bow Locks. Turning north, the track passes urban and residential areas towards Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, then to the Lee Canal Towpath in the Hackney Area (pubs). Finally the track passes Carpenters Road Lock and the London Aquatics Center before finishing at the Westfield Shopping and Stratford Underground Station of the Jubilee Line.

Construction of "East Bank" was in progress, encompassing several sites in the former Olympic venue. The track takes a short detour in one place near Carpenters Road Lock due to construction obstacles.

Recorded on July 22, 2019.

Bromley-by-Bow underground station

On the "District, Hammersmith & City" Lines
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Road Underpass

On emerging from an underpass proceed towards the Tesco sign. The tall buildings of Stratford Town are visible in the background. Tesco is a convenient stop for purchasing the days water and snacks. The track then proceeds along Three Mill Lane.

Bridge over the Lee Navigation Canal

The "Three Mills History Walk" starts at this bridge. Snippets from interpretive signage read; -In 1086, William the Conqueror's Doomsday book recorded eight tidal mills here, used to grind grain for bread. -It is said that Matilda, Queen of England, almost lost here life crossing the tidal Lea at Old Ford. She funded a bridge with bowed arches, which gave the area of Bow locks its name. -A wide range of industries moved here in the 19'th century. -There was gin making, soap making, and production of fine bone porcelain.

Lee Navigation Canal

The Lee Navigation Canal is on the east side of the towpath and Three Mills River on the west. Coots were swimming and feeding along the canal. A cormorant, perched on the aft deck of a long boat, was comfortable with close passers by. Canada geese, herons, seagulls, and terns were also seen.


Much of the vegetations along the canal appears natural, native flowers and berries.
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Alternate access

A pedestrian ramp between a bridge and the towpath provides alternate access from Bromley-by-Bow Station.

Bow Lock

This single lock joins the canal and river at high tide.

House Mill and Clock Mill

The House Mill and Miller's House are owned and operated by the House Mill Trust. There are public guided tours (see an attached photo for opening hours).

Three Mills Green

A large short grass field in popular for jogging and dog walking. To the north, the distinctive ArcelorMittal Orbit tower in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park is visible.

Three Mills Lock and Prescott Channel

Three Mills Lock was opened in 2009 to protect Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park from flooding and to transport building material for the 2012 Olympic facilities. An unexploded 2,200 lb WWII bomb was found during its construction.


At the junction of Prescott Channel and Three Mills River.

Cafe and local grocery store

Drinks and snacks available in a small store. The adjacent burger restaurant was frequented by local construction workers on the day.

Abbey Lane Open Space

A quiet park area with convenient benches, ideal for a take away lunch from the nearby shops.


The Q22 Bike Route and the Capital Ring Walk. Access is by stairs from the SE corner of Abbey Lane Open Space.

'The Riverside Path'

The track joins a walking path alongside the "Waterworks River". There are new mid-rise residential buildings adjacent to the path and the Queen Elizabeth Olympic site is directly across the river. The riverside has been eco-landscaped to replicate a natural canal edge, including native birch and rowan trees.

Enter QE Olympic Park

Just past the Park entrance, the "Iron Bridge" crosses the Waterworks River.

'ArcelorMittal Orbit' and 'The Lawn'

ArcelorMittal Orbit with its enclosed water-slide. This prominent tower can be seen from afar in many parts of East London. "The Lawn" is a popular resting and picnicking spot. The London Aquatics Center and Westfield Shopping are also nearby.

Mill River path

Plenty of flowers and benches along the river path. A plaque on a park bench reads "Planet Earth is moving at 67,027 miles per hour around the sun".

Carpenters Road Lock

Carpenters Road Lock was built on the "Old River Lea" in the 1930's to help prevent flooding and to allow boats to navigate between tidal and semi-tidal rivers and canals. They are the first British locks to be fitted with rising "radical gates". During the 1970's the lock fell into disrepair, lying hidden and disused for over 40 years. The lock was restored in 2017, allowing the return of of boat navigation from the Old River Lea to Waterworks River.

North London Line

British Rail trains pass here at moderate speed after leaving Stratford Station.

Hackney, White Post Lane Bridge

White Post Lane crosses the Lee Canal Towpath, with many long boats moored and in motion. A canal-side pub just north of the bridge. The entire area has abundant graffiti, which most should find interesting and artful, conferring a distinct character to the locale.

Howling Hops

Here the track turns north off White Post Lane, passing Howling Hops Pub, and circles around to the canal-side where a longboat bar-restaurant and canal side pub seats are located.

Riverfront pub

The pub is in an old industrial building, and has good local beer and pizza. Long boats regularly pass in front along the canal. There are large canal-side picnic tables. Its a great place to spend some time taking in the canal-side artwork and activity. British rail trains occasionally pass across the trestle immediately to the north.

Approach to Diamond Bridge

The Diamond Bridge leads back to the main north-south boulevard (Tessa Jowell Blvd.) through the Olympic site.

Gardens along Tessa Jowell Blvd.

Tasteful summer flower displays along these pedestrian-only paths and roadways

Stratford Walk

The Stratford Walk crosses a wide pedestrian bridge over the Waterworks River, passing the London Aquatics Center (a 2012 Olympic facility), and from there directly to the Westfield Shopping Area. Construction of "East Bank" was underway in this area (July, 2019). This is to be a large, ambitious educational and cultural district, anchored around the new University College London (UCL), including UCL's London College of Fashion.

Westfield Shopping

A major shopping mall with a movie theater on the uppermost level. The mall connects to Stratford Underground Station, Jubilee Line, one level down from the Stratford Walk entrance.

Exit to Underground, Jubilee Line

The large Starbucks is one level down from the Stratford Walk Bridge entrance, and very close to the entrance to the Jubilee Line underground.


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