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perto de Gangxia, Guangdong (China)

Lianhuashan Park is a large forest and garden park with a central hill, located at the north-end of the downtown area of Shenzhen. A large statue of Deng Xiaoping, Chinese paramount leader from 1978-1989 stands on top of the hill. Boat rentals are available on Lianhuahu Lake, and kite flying is popular in the southeast part of the Park.

A 6-meter high bronze statue of Deng Xiaoping, architect of China's reform and opening up, is located on the hilltop. In November 2000, Jiang Zemin unveiled this statue and wrote inscriptions. This is one of the best places from which to view Shenzhen City.

Track recorded on Thursday March 14, 2019 during office hours (trails not crowded).

South park entrance

After exiting the Metro on the north side of Hongli Road (Children's Palace Station, Gate F1), go up the nearby stairs to the Hongli Road overpass. This overpass is actually a broad pedestrian walkway connecting the city center to Lianhuashan Park.

Kite flying

a large grassy expanse is well suited to kite flying
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toilet facilities at waypoint

'Lanying Road' (walking path)

on way to gardens in southwest part of park.

Coconut palm gardens

Walking north towards Lotus Lake.

Lower Lotus Lake

Photos taken on south bank of Lotus Lake. The boat rental station is nearby. A snack and drink trolly was present on the day. Lake area not crowded on a March Thursday during office hours.

Upper Lake

Quiet and serene paths encircle the lake.

City Views over lake

Photos taken at the head of Upper Lotus Lake.

'Jingui Road' (walking path to top of hill)

A broad paved pedestrian path winds up to the peak of the hill. The thick forest on either side has flowering trees (mid-March) and jungle sounds of birds, insects, and bullfrogs from the nearby stream valley.

Rainforest Valley Trail

At the junction of Jingui Road and the Rainforest Trail. Loud continuous jungle noises (insects and birds) at start of Rainforest trail.

Deng Xiaoping Statue

At the peak there is a 6-meter high bronze statue of Deng Xiaoping, architect of China's reform and opening up. A plaque reads: "In November, 2000 Jiang Zemin unveiled the statue and wrote inscriptions." This spot is said to be one of the best for viewing Shenzhen City.

Fruit trees

After descending to the base of the hill, the path passes through an orchard.
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the steep and direct path to the hilltop

Excited tourist groups were climbing up the hill by this route, accompanied by colourful flags at the front and with the following sweeper.

Metro Lines 3 and 4, Children's Palace Station, Exit Gate F1.

Metro lines 4 (red) and 3 (light blue), Children's Palace Station, Exit F1 is adjacent to the south edge of Lianhuashan Park. At the time construction was underway on the east stairs of the Hongli Road overpass, however the west stairs were open. Go up the stairs to access the park. There is alternate Metro Station access near the north side of the Park.


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