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perto de Changchun, Jilin (China)

The January 2019 track combines two of the most interesting locations in downtown Changchun, the Jilin University Geology Museum with its dinosaur exhibit, and the winter activities in Nanhu Gongyuan (South Lake Park), including some ice and snow sculptures.

The track includes several kilometers on a (2 RMB) city bus along Xinmin Ave. between the Geology Museum and Park.

There is a convenient food and WC stop in the Wanda Plaza at the North entrance to Nanhu Park.

It's easiest to view the route using the "Open Street" or "Open Cycle" Maps available in Wikiloc. The default Google Map doesn't work in China or is not properly geo-referenced (apparently an unresolved issue between Google and China). There is also a Jilin Province free Wikiloc map download, which facilitates navigation and the recording of new Wikilocs in the Province.

Subway Station at Wenhua Square

From the subway exit the geology Museum is immediately visible on the north side of the Square.

Wenhua Square - Kite Flying

It doesn't take much wind to lift kites in frigid winter temperatures; many are flying very high despite little indication of wind at ground level.
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Old Fence

The rusting cast iron perimiter fence is still topped with old barbed wire, probably a relict of one of the many conflict periods that impacted Changchun (Manchurian occupation, Russian takeover at end of WW2, Nationalist Chinese - CPC civil war siege, and the final CPC takeover).

Jilin University Geology Museum - main foyer

This 4-floor building was constructed during the Japanese Manchurian Period, with the intention that is would become an even grander Palace for the "Emperor" Puyi. Puyi was expected to relocate here from the Weihuanggong ("fake yellow palace") location. However, the Russian invasion that brought an end to WW2 in China cut short Puyi's relocation plan. The main foyer and staircase are grandly decorated, revealing the intended splendour of a modern Emperor's Palace. The foyer is two floors high and some details of the upper floor construction and decoration can be seen above the main staircase. The Geology Museum occupies the East Wing on the lower level. We were given off-hours access through Jilin Univ. staff connections, but there is public admittance including foreign guests (advised to check opening hours in advance). The small ticket window is just inside the main entrance.

Dinosaur Hall

Important dinosaur specimens from China digs are on display at the far east end of the museum. The rest of the geology museum has wide ranging displays including general geology, minerals, rocks, palaeontology, economic geology, volcanoes, earth history, origin and progression of life on earth, early man. Most have Mandarin-only descriptions.
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bus stop - Xinmin Ave.

We jumped on a 2-yuan bus headed south along Xinmin Ave, and descended at the next stop after reaching a major roundabout at the north end of Nanhu Gongyuan (South Lake Park). Taking the bus (or taxi) cuts the reported track distance by several kilometers, and avoids a rather monotonous walk along that part of Xinmin Avenue. Sometimes Changchun downtown buses cannot access the curb at bus stops and must board or unload while stopped in one or the other of the traffic lanes, if that is the case use caution when boarding and descending.
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bus stop - Yanan St.

The bus stop is close to a Wanda Plaza (with food court and washrooms) on the NW side of Yanan St. near a big roundabout. This is also near the north end of the pedestrian overpass into Nanhu Park. Sometimes Changchun downtown buses cannot access the curb at bus stops, and must unload in the traffic lanes, use caution when getting down.

Pedestrian overpass

Crossing over Yanan Street into Nanhu Gongyuan (South Lake Park)

Wanda Plaza (food court)

"Wanda" is a moden Chinese Department store chain, typically with a food court, higher-end restauraunts, shopping, movie theater, western style coffee outlet, and decent washrooms.


Cold winter conditions on the day. The lake is frozen over completely. Lots of playful outdoor activity.

snow sculpture

Passing a large snow sculpture along the lake shore boardwalk


Boardwalks extend out into the lake in this area. Lots of winter activities, ice castle, hocky rink, etc.

Along the east shore

Ice bicycles and chairs are more popular than skating. Another large snow sculpture.

East Shore Promenade and exit South Lake Park

Changchun is known for its spacious broad streets and avenues, with easy walking conditions and (usually) controlled pedestrian crossings.

Subway Station


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