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perto de Petersfield, England (United Kingdom)

This walking trail starts at the corner of Gwydir Street and Mill Road at 52.19968°N and 00.13988°E. Turn left heading 289° along Mill Road. Turn right at the junction of Mill Road and the A603 at 52.20261°N and 00.13146°E. Continue heading 40° along the A603 past Anglia Ruskin University up to Newmarket Road at 52.20827°N and 00.13726°E. Turn left heading 281° onto the Maids Causeway. There is a really nice church called Christ Church along here. It’s located at 52.20806°N and 00.13311°E. I entered the Midsummer Commons at 52.20804°N and 00.12920°E and walked diagonally across the commons heading 281° to Victoria Road and the Jesus Green. I entered Jesus Green at 52.21083°N and 00.12707°E and crossed the River Cam on the pedestrian / cycle bridge located at 52.21263°N and 00.12093°E. After crossing the river turn left heading 241° onto Chesterton Road at 52.21307°N and 00.12050°E. Turn right heading 318° at the junction of Chesterton Road and Castle Street at 52.21088°N and 00.11503°E. From there it’s just a really short trek up to the Castle Mound. This is located at 52.21248°N and 00.11325°E. This mound is not high but gives really good views of the city and most of the colleges that make up the university. From here I went back along Castle Road heading 151° right to the corner of Chesterton Road and North Hampton Street. Continue right heading to Madingley Road at 52.21023°N and 00.11182°E. Westminster College is located at this Junction. Madingley Road is great for walking on. Turn right at 52.21279°N and 00.09250°E onto Madingley Rise. The Institute for Astronomy is located out there. There is a 36 inch telescope housed out there but I am not sure about the hours of operation and if it’s open to the public. From there I crossed the street and headed along J.J. Thompson to the Cavendish Laboratory of the Department of Physics at the University of Cambridge. This world class research facility is located at 52.20912°N and 00.09106°E. From there I walked back along Madingley Road heading 106°. Turn right heading 190° along Queen’s Road A1134 at 52.21102°N and 00.11153°E. This area is quite picturesque and it referred to as “the backs.” There are very good views of most of the colleges along here with some gates open for visitors to stroll sections of the college grounds without having to pay the entry fees. I turned left heading 55° at 52.20085°N and 00.11334°E onto Silver Street. From the Silver Street Bridge located at 52.20182° N and 00.11533° E you can get good views of the historic Mathematical Bridge. Turn right heading 142° at 52.20230°N and 00.11779°E onto Trumpington Street then left heading 44° at 52.20208°N and 00.11824°E onto Pembroke Street. Then turn right heading 142° at 52.20360°N and 00.12344°E onto St. Andrews Street. I entered Parker’s Piece at 52.20181°N and 00.12535°E just off St. Andrews Street. From there it’s just a short trek to the starting point at Mill Road and Gwydir Street.
Happy Trails.

Starting Point

This waypoint sits at the corner of Mill Road and Gwydir Street...

A603 & Mill Road Intersection

This waypoint sits at the A603 & Mill Road Intersection.

Maids Causeway.

This waypoint is at the intersection with the Maids Causeway and the A603.

Midsummer Commons

This waypoint sits at the entrance to the Midsummer Commons and the Maids Causeway.

Chesterton Road Foot Bridge.

This waypoint sits off the foot bridge crossing the River Cam onto Chesterton Road.

Castle Mound.

This waypoint sits at the Castle Mound.

Institute for Astronomy

This waypoint is located at the Institute for Astronomy.

Cavendish Laboratory.

This waypoint is located at the Cavendish Laboratory.

View of Mathematical Bridge.

This waypoint sits on the bridge at Silver Street which offers the best view of the historic Mathematical Bridge.

Parker's Piece.

This waypoint sits at the St. Andrews Street entrance to Parker's Piece.

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    Lovely trail... Lots to see and do and lots of great places to eat and have a drink all throughout this city.

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