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perto de Dalian, Liaoning (China)

An urban walk through a respectable older section of Dalian City. Highlights are the Russian colonial architecture, easy-to-walk streets, a scenic lake park very popular with runners, and the car-free residential district of Fenglin Street with a Colonial embassy.

The track starts and finishes near the Kapinsky Hotel, on the corner of Labour Park. It connects with two other Wikiloc tracks; 1) a winter walk in Labour park, and 2) the Russian Street and trams of Dalian.

Suggest using the Liaoning Province offline map.

'Orange Living' Mall

see photo

Wrought iron fences

The entire area features intricate very old wrought iron fencing and gates. I suspect these are mostly from the Russian Colonial period (pre-1904).

Along Nanshan road

interesting buildings, sculpture, old China Post Box

Nanshan Road near Mingze Lake

Colonial residences are colorful but run down, some under repair. View to south from an intersection.

Mingze Park entrance

Impressive smooth stone running path here, very popular with joggers. A modern running surface is installed on other sections, and the circle run also uses a boardwalk section on the south side of the lake.

Mingze Lake

Mingze Lake

North shore of Mingze Lake

A wide boardwalk with balconies extending into the lake. Lake partially iced over in mid-February 2017.

Bridge at East end of Lake

Wrought iron fencing, jogging path interrupted by a bottle neck at the narrow arched bridge.

South shore of Mingze Lake

Nice landscaping and gardens along this side.

Fenglin Street

An old colonial street of Dalian. Car-free zone. Interesting art and architecture. Diverse stately mansions restored and converted to modern uses.

West end of car free zone

West end of Fenglin Street car free zone

Small park


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