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próximo a Taozhuangcun, Zhejiang (China)

Around the temple Village walk

Weekend Meditation and Yoga retreat with Prem organised by Yejo circle

As part of the weekend retreat we went outside of the temple for a hike through a small village. It is a very easy hike and we usually do one when staying in this temple. Although as the village has multiple crossing paths it is always possible to divert and modify the road to see something new.
On this was we discovered two barber shops i had no idea existed in the village.

The village has a bit contrasting character. One one had it is still a rural setting with sire fields and other plantations surroundings. On the other hand main business many locals are involved in is recycling mild steel. On every corner you can see a solid blocks or discs of steel in multitude of sizes.

If you are just walking in the area it is a must to visit the temple. The main gate is only open during the events, but side gate is always open for visitors and its free of charge. It is quite an event in its own rights to joint the morning 5:30am chanting and bell sound, or even better the evening one (it was 8pm this weekend). Morning one is attended by hand-full of monks, while the evening one was only a single monk.

Along the hike you will walk by a house of a fisher man who is still using the traditional diving birds method of fishing and keeps his birds outside of the house along the canal. This method is something Guilin used to be famous for, although it is hard to see anyone using it anymore. Well - there is a chance to see it here.

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