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perto de Saariselka, Lappi (Suomi)

Back country skiing trail (with cross-country skiing equipment) :-)
- end of the March 2017
- hard snow (quite fast), day temperatures -8'C - -15'C, clear sky
- 9 days (8 nights)
- all stuff in carriage (really better than backpack)
- sleeping in open huts (see waypoints)
- honeymoon :-)
Refúgio de montanha

Suomunruoktu (1. night)

Refúgio de montanha

Luirojärvi (2.night)

Refúgio de montanha

Hammaskuru (3. night)

Refúgio de montanha

Anterinmukka (4. night)

Refúgio de montanha

Muoravaarakka (5. night)

Refúgio de montanha

Jyrkkävaara (6. night)

Refúgio de montanha

Porttikoski (7. night)

Refúgio de montanha

Kivipää (8. night)

Ponto de ônibus

Saariselkä (end)

Ponto de ônibus

Kiilopää (start)

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  • Foto de diego3883

    diego3883 13/ago/2018

    hi, is it possible to do your trail in winter with snowshoe?? tnx

  • Foto de Dormir en tienda campaña ben nevis

    Dormir en tienda campaña ben nevis 11/dez/2020

    Thanks for sharing on wikiloc, this next year I had planned to travel to Finland and do a route with snowshoes and pulka, as long as the authorities allow it and it is safe, greetings from Barcelona, ​​Spain.

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