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This is a spectacular peak to climb, although we found poor snow. An icy corrugated base with a thin and uneven layer of wind blown snow on top. We eventually dumped the skis and finished the climb on foot, using crampons. It is worth it for the views on the way up and then for the astonishing view of Cerro Tronador and Todos los Santos lake that you only get right from the top. You can also see volcanos stretching off in both directions. We luckily had a wind-free day - it could be disconcerting to be on steep icy slopes in high wind.
It's a big day, a 1500m climb if you don't use the ski resort lifts (we didn't as they opened too late). And finding a way though the giant windrime mushrooms that protect the summit plateau can take some time. We stayed at the Refugio Teski Club at the base of the ski resort, which was cheap and comfortable.


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