• Foto de Tokachidake (十勝岳)
  • Foto de Tokachidake (十勝岳)
  • Foto de Tokachidake (十勝岳)
  • Foto de Tokachidake (十勝岳)
  • Foto de Tokachidake (十勝岳)

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Enviada em 4 de Março de 2020

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2.078 m
1.007 m
5,55 km

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perto de Kami-furano, Hokkaido (Japan)

One of the icons of Daitsetsuzan National Park with his 2,077mts. and all the craters around letting us know that the earth is more alive than we think.

As far central Hokkaido and all Tokachidake range was the coldest place I have ever been so that might be you first concern before planing these summit. Read carefully the forecast and be aware of the wind that can incredibly decrease the temperature in only few seconds.

The backcountry doesn't have more secret that looking the ridgeline being aware of the crater and enjoying the incredible colours that the sulfur and smoke give to the place.

It´s not the place to look the powder line due to the high winds all over the winter.


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