• Foto de Rohr Ridge
  • Foto de Rohr Ridge
  • Foto de Rohr Ridge
  • Foto de Rohr Ridge

Tempo em movimento  2 horas 58 minutos

Hora  5 horas 27 minutos

Coordenadas 1902

Enviada em 22 de Janeiro de 2021

Registrada em Janeiro 2021

2.274 m
1.189 m
12,06 km

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perto de Gates, British Columbia (Canada)

Parking: km 17 on the Duffey Lake Rd, right in front of the sand shed.

We took the skin track that goes pretty straight up, tight trees in few spots, but great views once you reach the alpine.

Snow was hard pack from top to bottom on every aspect, super stable and safe but not the most common conditions by far specifically around this area in mid to late January.

Many different options for the way down so highly recommend.


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