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This is a very scenic ski touring route that starts from the village of Pades and finishes at the village of Armata. On the way, you hike on Mt. Smolikas (2,637 m / 8,652 ft). This route doesn't pass through the small Dragon Lake nor through the mountain peak. You can include both in your itinerary but it will take you a couple of hours longer. If you can ski in this area, however (December to April), it means the lake will be under the snow and you will not even distinguish it.

This route, as it is, passes through various beautiful meadows which are great to explore! The slopes are not too steep. Once you reach the highest point, you can remove the skins from your skis. You don't need to use them anymore. There are some flat sections, where you can walk with your skis even without skins. There are some very short uphill sections too, where you can just remove your skis and walk. Other than that, it's downhill.

Enjoy it!


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