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i understand that the connection to GE is currently removed. Is there a plan with a date to re-connect?
For me, the view of trails inside GE is very important and is the reason i uploaded so many of my trails to the site.
Thanks, Orit

Trails from orit
PostPosted: 27 Aug 2019, 16:29 Reply with quote Report this post
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I am in the same situation. For me, the most valuable aspect of wikiloc was its integration as a Google Earth layer. Its removal is quite a disappointment.

Trails from darkpilgrim
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I have the same problem. Connection with google earth was the first feature for wikiloc.
Why was removed ?

Trails from Samb1985
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Confermo. L'aggancio con GE รจ fondamentale per differenziare Wikiloc dai mille altri siti di scambio tracce. Mi dispiace non vedere risposte in questo forum.

I confirm. Coupling with GE is essential to differentiate Wikiloc from the thousands of other exchange sites. I'm sorry I don't see answers in this forum.

Trails from Filippototo
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Dear Wikilok Team,
could you please give an answer to this important topic.

Many members have selected Wikiloc 10 years ago from a variety of similar geoportals only because of the special feature - the representation of their tracks on Google Earth -.
Many reasons are known:
The worldwide overview of ALL tracks on GE is unbeatable.
The direct exploration in 3D GE mode including flight simulator offers additional possibilities.
For travel planning useful fixed and own POIs / Overlays can be used.

* What should happen with the linking to GE in the future?
* Will Wikiloc realy say goodbye to this unique selling proposition?
* What does that mean for the number of hits on the tracks? How have the access rates to the Wikiloc tracks changed without the access source Google Earth since the separation?

Trails from dr_hrg
PostPosted: 19 Jan 2020, 23:24 Reply with quote Report this post
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No answer...I think Wikiloc loose a key feature !

Trails from Samb1985
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