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Using Wikiloc for almost five years. Until about six months ago, any tracks I recorded while away from cell/wifi service would be saved on my Android phone as "local" tracks, which was fine. Recently, when launching the app, I am told I do not have internet service, implying, to me, that the phone won't be able to record my new track. I simply hit record again, the recording starts, and I'm on my way.
A bigger problem occurs when attempting to save the track. Previously, I could choose to upload to Wikiloc website immediately, if near service area, or do a "Local" save and store the track on my phone. In my part of Canada where internet service is not widespread, this was a very useful feature, especially if I wanted to start a new track. Now, because I don't seem to have the local save function any more, the phone/app won't do the second recording until the first track is uploaded.
I use Wikiloc on two different devices and get identical results.
Is there a way to do local track saves while away from cell/wi-fi/internet service?

Thank you.

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