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The Wikiloc is the great platform for me to make my adventures real.
I would like to know when it is possible to use Wikiloc on Apple Watch as I have been waiting for this feature since a year ago. :?:


Trails from Pooria_T
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Will that be possible? It seems that the Wikiloc app now only works with iPhone and iPad models. I think it is not easy for them to cover Apple Watch.

Trails from ParkPrince
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I think they just released a beta of the first Wikiloc version for Apple Watch!! ... pple-watch

Trails from Berta NC
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I got an email from Wikiloc today (17 July 2019) saying I could use Wikiloc on Apple Watch.

I used the Apple watch (v 5.2.1) to record todays hike which it did but I cannot get the trail to sync to my iPhone.

I also upgraded the account to Premium (trial) to see if that made a difference but nothing.

Any ideas Wikiloc people?

Trails from FuturepaceTech
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I have the same problem: Apple Watch and Iphone don't synch. Are they suppose to work independently only?

Trails from diegorvila
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Here is my feedback after a 2-weeks Wikiloc Premium trial in combination with my Apple Watch (series 4) during 5 days hiking. I uploaded 5 trails received from my travel agent, which appeared as 4 tracks in wikiloc (two track were concatenated), while 5 correct tracks were shown after uploading in the Topo GPS app (on iPhone). I split the combined track using Garmin connect, and uploaded the two separate tracks correctly to the Wikiloc app on iPhone.

+ walking with wikiloc on apple watch is great! No need to stop walking, reach for your phone, wake it up and check which path to go. if it works ....
- after pausing the recording, altitude is often not updated anymore during the rest of the hike, but sometimes it worked ok.
- after pausing the recording on the second day the watch app kept asking if the recordings should be continued each time the watch was raised to check the trail. After a dozen times, I stopped and stored the recording. The watch app did not pick up the trail (half way the route) after starting again (although being on the track).
- In total three out of five days, the watch app did not pick up (the start) the selected trail. Recordings were fine, although the native work-out watch app would do the same, without immediately uploading my whereabouts
- The map on the watch did not show any details; just a yellow background without paths, roads, etc. Would be great to select your favorite map (e.g. Openstreetmaps)
- hart rate was not recorded

So, great if it works, but I could only enjoy two out of five days. I prefer an app were I do not need to upload my whereabouts. No problem to pay for it in that case.

Trails from PassionPete
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