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Hi all,

I need help or advice how to setup gps or wikiloc app to work properly on my android phone.

Problem is that, when recording track, I have a lot of crazy lines which looks like random kids drawing so my question is how to setup gps on my phone or wikiloc app to avoid this happening?

here is one of my tracks where you can see these pockets added by gps: ... d=13421511

I knoow that gps devices became crazy when you are not moving so you get crazy track like this but this is maybe to much

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Hi Hepek

Since the signal noise is quite constant during your hike it seems it might be caused due to a por line of sight with the sky with your smartphone. For instance if you carry it in your pocket your body can block the signal, likewise if you keep it inside your backpack. A great place is holding it with a band to your upper arm or on top of your backpack (inside the upper pocket since fabric doesn't block the signal but any mass containing liquid likely do affect (hydration bags, your own body, canopy...). Another reason for such a constant noise in the tracklog is often caused if you hike inside a rocky canyon since the signal "rebounds" on the walls and might also affect in this way. What I'd discard is a problem with your smartphone's GPS. Hope you can give it a try on your next activity since the best way to know it is to test it.

Hope it helps,

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