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In general I'm satisfied with Wikiloc but recently I did some hikes up in the mountain and the elevation profiles were very wrong. Here is an example:


The GPS trail as shown on the map seems very accurate. But the elevation graph shows two flat lines, one at -418m then another at +1,638m. For your reference, the lowest point of the hike should have been about 1,580m and the highest 2,196m.

Why is it so wrong? Any way to fix this?

Trails from Patricio Brevis
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Hi Patricio,

I have the same problem . It has started ten days ago . I already have tried a lot of things :
1) install / re-install
2/ calibrate compass
3) clean cache
4) disable gps filter

nothing corrects the mistake.

Other applications which also uses gps elevation data are working fine .

Wickloc support never answer

Did you succeed in repearing yours ?


Luiz Bandeira

Trails from Luiz Bandeira
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Hello everybody.

I advise you to notify this problem sending an email to Wikiloc technical support using the link Contac Us that you can find at the end of every article in the Help Center. I am inserting an example of such an article:
Still need help? Ask the community or Contact Us         Last updated on November 26, 2019

Best regards.

Trails from Nofahuer
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Hi Patricio ,

Hi Nofahuer,

Thank you for your answer and help.

I have wrote to wikiloc's support and got the following answer :

Hi Luiz,

Thanks for the information. Ensuring that the GPS works reliably on the myriad of Android phones out there is nothing short of a Herculean task. Diving technically into the problem, among the apps you listed, I believe Wikiloc is the only one that uses the newer location provider from Google to interface with the GPS and the other apps use the traditional location provider.

We have both seen phones where the newer location provider performs better than the traditional provider, and cases like yours, where the opposite happens. To give you the best of both worlds, we are launching a new update in the coming days that will allow you to choose which "recording mode" you prefer. There will be a new setting in Profile > Settings > "Advanced settings" called "Experimental recording mode". We plan to roll this update out progressively, and we will gather feedback and use that information to toggle the best recording mode for each phone automatically.

Thank you for your patience. I will keep you updated.


After I had this answer ( but no solution) I have asked if they had a forecast date to launch the software update which could solve the elevation profile problem .

Wikiloc's answer was :


We expect the rollout to begin as soon as early next week, but the full 100% rollout will take several weeks. Thank you for your patience!

Conclusion :I still have the same problem

While I am waiting for a possible solution given by wikiloc or by some user I am trying other similar applications. I had a very good impression on the following :
1) GPS ESSENTIALS - amazing free app
2) Komoot


Luiz Bandeira

Trails from Luiz Bandeira
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