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Recently I did some mtb rides up in the mountain and all elevation profile graphs and measurements were very wrong.

Example : ... o-64039718

It is interesting that the GPS trail distance are very accurate,but the elevation graph is totally wrong and inaccurate

It has started ten days ago . I already have tried a lot of things :
1) install / re-install
2/ calibrate compass
3) clean cache
4) disable gps filter
5) change battery/ app consumption profile

Nothing has corrected the elevation profile graphs mistake.

Other applications which also uses gps elevation data are working fine .( STRAVA, Komoot , Relive , Notify )

The application is installed in a Motorola G7 plus device with 64gigab memory .

What should I do to repair this fail .



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Hi Luiz,
Thanks for replying to my post.
It appears we have exactly the same problem with Wikiloc app. I haven't solved the issue and still no answer from technical support.

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