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Organizing trails / Alphabetization problem
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Author:  Mike FR [ 07 Jan 2020, 14:32 ]
Post subject:  Organizing trails / Alphabetization problem

Now that I have recorded more than 100 trails and additional trail sections, I have trouble finding trails in the list of my trails. Wikiloc really needs some ways to be able to look through trails more easily. A few suggestions:
- be able to view more than 20 trails per page
- be able to search within your own trails (If I search a keyword I know is in my trails using the search box, I only get my public trails).
- fix your alphabetization scheme.

There is a big problem is in your alphabetization system. It seems that it does not recognize lower case and capital letters as the same letter. Therefore when using "sort by name" I only get half my list grouped together.

For example, I have dozens of trails that start with "Oneonta" (my hometown) but any that I labeled as "oneonta" do not appear in the same group. Please fix this!

Using Wikiloc in Safari 13.0.4 on a MacBook Pro OS 10.13.16 and on iPhone 6.


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