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PostPosted: 26 Aug 2019, 07:16 Reply with quote Report this post
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i understand that the connection to GE is currently removed. Is there a plan with a date to re-connect?
For me, the view of trails inside GE is very important and is the reason i uploaded so many of my trails to the site.
Thanks, Orit

Trails from orit
PostPosted: 27 Aug 2019, 16:29 Reply with quote Report this post
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I am in the same situation. For me, the most valuable aspect of wikiloc was its integration as a Google Earth layer. Its removal is quite a disappointment.

Trails from darkpilgrim
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I have the same problem. Connection with google earth was the first feature for wikiloc.
Why was removed ?

Trails from Samb1985
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Confermo. L'aggancio con GE รจ fondamentale per differenziare Wikiloc dai mille altri siti di scambio tracce. Mi dispiace non vedere risposte in questo forum.

I confirm. Coupling with GE is essential to differentiate Wikiloc from the thousands of other exchange sites. I'm sorry I don't see answers in this forum.

Trails from Filippototo
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