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próximo a  Labrang, Gansu (China)

This trek is probably the most beautiful trek we did in China. Don't hesitate, just do it; follow the trace... Attention: we just failed at finding a nice path to finish the trek, so don't follow our trace for the last descent to Repkong!!! For further detail on this trek, you can buy the following book ( That's what we did, the description is quite good and precise.

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  • 96xg10 13/Nov/2012

    Good one landscape

  • ivandelmo 2/Set/2014

    Just Superb, we did this itinerary with our tent in 3.5 days from Repkong to Labrang. The scenery is just beautiful, nomads very very friendly. Just bring something to purify water (there is plenty on the way but plenty of yaks as well) lots of dehydrated food and go for it! Should you need additional information or some photos just contact me! Many, many, many thanks to the author, it was really the best part of our 3 weeks trip in Qinghai/Gansu Ivan

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