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bei  North Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada)

This trail is in North Vancouver, very close to Highway 1. Take the Lynn Canyon exit on the highway after crossing into North Vancouver from Vancouver. Then take the Lynn Valley Rd. to the end. Walk to the trail head with the maps. At this point you can turn right if you want to reach the turn-off for Lynn Peak - it will take you 15 minutes. To extend the hike (by 45 minutes) I turned left and walked along the Lynn Valley loop, and then after about 2 km I turned right and started walking up. It took me an hour to reach the turn-off for the Lynn Peak, it is clearly marked. The trail is rocky especially in the beginning and there are plenty of tree roots too. Going up it's Ok, but going down I had to slow down significantly, as I almost fell on a few occasions. Hiking sticks are recommended. During most of the hike there are no scenic views but the forest is nice. The best view is at the end, Vancouver/Burnaby area stretches in front of you as you can see on the picture I attached.

2 Kommentare

  • Foto von Montse

    Montse 06.10.2009

    Hello risjak, Do you know if there are bears in the zone?

  • Foto von risjak

    risjak 06.10.2009

    If I saw one I wouldn't be here to tell the story :)

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  • Foto von Lynn Peak incl. parts of Lynn Valley Loop
  • Foto von Lynn Peak incl. parts of Lynn Valley Loop

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