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The West Coast Trail (WCT) is a coastal wilderness component of Pacific Rim National Park Reserve. It has the reputation of being on of the most grueling treks in North America. It is isolated, strenuous, physically challenging and potentially hazardous. It is also extremely rewarding due to the spectacular scenery and unique setting. For more info click on the name above the map.

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  • MASZ 7/Set/2011

    i am from Spain, i am in Canada for several weeks, i want to do this trail, can you pelase provide me information, like material uses, content of the backpack?

  • MASZ 7/Set/2011

    Is this trail a one way?

  • Foto de icelander

    icelander 12/Set/2011

    MASZ, I haven't done this trail myself, but you can find lots of info at Have a great trip!

  • Foto de K.Herr

    K.Herr 2/Ago/2013

    Wow, that looks very spectacular. Greetings from Germany, Klaus

  • Foto de icelander

    icelander 3/Ago/2013

    Thanks much Klaus! It is unique trail due to the isolated and somewhat unmaintained trail. Pure wilderness for adventure minds. I still haven't hiked it yet though! Cheers, --Ivar

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