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68 m
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35,32 km
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próximo a  Luogang, Guangdong (China)

GZ H3 run #996. Hares: Platterpuss n Fingerlicker. Live Hares and set from Valley of the Tombs to GZ #2 Middle School. Poon Tang Hua's F@%k Off run. Rainy way but still had 20 hashers and a great circle. Run was mostly flat terrain with some nice checks to slow up the front runners.

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  • GZ H3 3/Jun/2009

    Uh, your GPS had us locked in all the way back into the city?? ~PP

  • Foto de xln1967

    xln1967 3/Jun/2009

    Yeah.....must have forgot to turn it off. Still trying to figure out how to cut off that part of the track.

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Dificuldade técnica:  skill Fácil

Horas:  4 horas 11 minutos

Coordenadas: 1508

Uploaded: 24 de Maio de 2009

Recorded: Maio 2009

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